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The Ultimate Gaming Tips to Secure a Chicken Dinner in PUBG || Rolm

PUBG: Battlegrounds is a state-of-the-art battle royale game that puts to test its players’ limits of strategies and skills. Imagine dropping to an island with 99 other players, all having the same goal in mind, how will you survive?

Amidst the ever-encroaching blue wall and intense firefights, keeping a cool head is of utmost importance. Furthermore, having access to the right tactics and knowing how to execute them properly is very crucial. After all, the choices you make will determine your fate in this over-the-top thrilling game of survival.

Therefore, this guide on the ultimate gaming tips to secure a chicken dinner in PUBG is all you need.

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Now, without any further delay, let us begin.

Land in Low-Populated Areas

Landing in PUBG
Landing in PUBG

All game matches start with players air-dropping to various locations around the map. Landing on a good spot is just like getting a head start. Therefore, choosing the right place can make all the difference in winning and losing a match in PUBG.

You should always aim for low-populated areas since these are often less chaotic. Moreover, this also lets you gear up in peace and give you enough time to devise your ultimate survival strategy.

However, do not land too far away from the play zone. Otherwise, you will waste valuable time traveling and leaving yourself vulnerable to attacks. It is important to strike a balance between landing spots and safety.

Master Every PUBG Weapon

Weapons in PUBG
Weapons in PUBG

PUBG is all about shooting and firing when it comes down to securing the top spot. Remember that getting the same weapon in every PUBG match is not guaranteed. Therefore, mastering various weapon types can give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Assault rifles are all-rounders so it is a good idea to start with these first. For close-quarters combat, consider switching to an SMG for its higher firing rate. For taking out enemies at a distance, snipers are the weapon of choice but also have a slower firing rate. DMRs, on the other hand, can be a good substitute for snipers, but they are not as powerful.

Moreover, when facing multiple enemies, LMGs with their large magazine size can come in handy. Lastly, although not the strongest weapon type, pistols are the most common resource in the game. More often than not, these are likely the first weapon you find upon landing.

Loot Quickly AND Effectively

Looting in PUBG
Looting in PUBG

Moreover, looting skills in PUBG are as important as shooting skills. Looting is the first thing players do upon landing. And they need to be BOTH quick and effective in gathering weapons and supplies. The key is to know what you need and grab it fast.

Focus on essential items first, such as vests, helmets, weapons, and ammunition. Healing items and boosters come next. However, it does not mean spending the majority of time in reckless looting.

Always be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on the mini-map for any incoming enemies. You can take them out, search their inventory, and take any good supplies that they had with them.

No matter how good you are, without good supplies, you will not last long. Therefore, having a good inventory is important to securing a chicken dinner.

Take Cover in the Open, Hide in Bushes, and Avoid Grass

Taking Cover in PUBG
Taking Cover in PUBG

Whenever you enter any building in PUBG, your first instinct is to search for potential enemies hiding there. This is not the case when you are in the open and traveling through.

Most players often ignore their open surroundings. And this gives you a perfect opportunity in taking them out. Hide behind the mountains, take cover behind rocks, and use bushes to your advantage. Undoubtedly, bushes are the most effective of all. Given you are wearing matching-color clothes, it is nearly impossible for enemies to detect you in bushes.

Also, most importantly, avoid grass at all costs. Due to hardware technicalities, the grass starts to disappear above the 200-meter mark in the game. So, an enemy with a sniper from a distance of over 200m can spot you easily lying on the ground.

Make the Optimum Use of Stereo Sound

Use Stereo Headphones
Use Stereo Headphones

No matter how much I emphasize this point, it will not be enough. Making good use of audio is critical to securing a chicken dinner in PUBG. Ensure that your mobile phone has stereo speakers, and if not, get a hands-free that supports stereo sound functionality.

The reason behind this is to help in detecting enemy movement. Even with mono audio, you would still know that an enemy is approaching from the sound of footsteps. However, you will not know from which direction they are approaching.

This is where stereo sound functionality comes into the picture. If an enemy is coming from the left side, you will hear the footstep sound in your left speaker. Likewise, if an enemy is coming from the right side, you will hear the footstep sound in your right speaker. Moreover, the intensity of the footstep sound will also indicate how far or how close the enemies are.

Size Up Your Enemies and Evaluate Your Strategy

Plan Before Taking Out Enemies in PUBG
Plan Before Taking Out Enemies in PUBG

In order to come to the top, you do not necessarily need to eliminate all the opponents yourself. Even one opponent is enough to get you a chicken dinner in PUBG. In some rare cases, you can also win without even killing anyone!

Whenever you see an enemy, give it a second thought. Always check your supplies, weapons, ammunition, and surroundings. Plan an escape route as well in case things do not turn out as you initially expected.

Only if the situation is in your favor, you can risk taking out your potential target. All the while, keep in mind that you will also expose your location to other enemies as well.

Stay on Zone Edges in Late Game

Stay Near the Zone Edge in a Late PUBG game
Stay Near the Zone Edge in a Late PUBG game

Right from the moment when you jump from the plane, the clock starts ticking. After set intervals of time, the play zone gets restricted. Initially not so important, but in the late game, it is strongly advised to stay on the edge of the play zone.

Not only will it provide you cover from behind but will also narrow down the scope to search for your enemies. With your back already covered, you would only need to guard your front and sides.

Moreover, since each second counts, this is the prime time to make use of energy drinks and painkillers. You will need every ounce of health and power that you can potentially get.

ROLM EXCLUSIVE: Lower Your Game Graphics

Low Graphics in PUBG
Low Graphics in PUBG

Now, this is something you will not find anywhere else. If you really want to win a chicken dinner so badly, then you should make a compromise and lower your game graphics.

Not only will it increase your frame rates and render a smoother experience but also help in detecting enemies easily.

This is because lower game graphics results in reduced color depths and certain graphical elements also disappear. This, in turn, make enemies hiding in bushes useless as you can easily spot them.

Moreover, low graphics also consume less battery and give you longer hours of gameplay time. Therefore, you also would not have to worry about the battery running out.


So, these are our ultimate gaming tips to secure a chicken dinner in PUBG. Did you find them useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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