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PUBG Miramar

The Ultimate Miramar Map Guide in PUBG || Rolm

Miramar is the 2nd playable map of the genre-defining battle royale game, PUBG: Battlegrounds. Set in Mexico, this place offers a vast sprawling desert landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see. From abandoned cities and industrial complexes to winding mountain roads and sandy dunes, Miramar presents a very challenging experience even for the most seasoned PUBG players.

Forget about the tactics and strategies you have been using in other PUBG maps as they do not apply here. Miramar is an open area that provides little to no cover. Owing to its sheer 8×8 km square area, this place is best suited for long-range combat.

If you find yourself struggling to navigate the unforgiving harsh terrain of Miramar, then you are at the right place. In this guide, we will look into the strategies and knowledge you need to dominate the Miramar battleground.

Miramar Landing Strategy

PUBG Miramar Map
PUBG Miramar Map

Since players jump off a plane at the start of any PUBG match, it is important to start with landing strategies. Knowing your landing strategy helps in getting a head start on other players.

How to Effectively Land in PUBG Miramar Map

All PUBG match starts with a plane traveling in a direct straight path. Since this path route is randomized, it is different for every match.

However, know that it is always a straight path. From the plane’s direction of travel, you can always land a further of 1-2 kilometers. And this depends on a number of factors such as where you aim to land and when you open your parachute as well as how you travel to your destination.

  • The best bet is often to first mark your landing location in Miramar right from the start of the match. And then line it up with the wing of the airplane, i.e., when the plane is perfectly at a right angle to your location.
  • To travel fast, you need to travel ahead. For this, look at the horizon and you will cover distance more quickly than if looking up or down.
  • When above your landing spot, look straight down and glide directly downwards. This will give you a max speed of 234 m/s, hence a quicker landing.

Usually, it is better to land near a vehicle. However, if you land in a hot spot and find yourself in the midst of firefights, take cover. Once the battle heat is over, you can now loot in peace and gather supplies.

Remember that you only have the first 5 minutes before the first blue ring appears. Make good use of the timer above the mini-map. It will give you a good idea of when the blue circle starts moving inwards.

Miramar Map Best Starting Location

Your top priority when landing in any Miramar location should be vehicles. Since it is a vast area with lots of dusty open lands, a vehicle saves you tons of traversing. Also, due to its large map size, PUBG Miramar is home to a number of places hiding valuable loot. Following are the best drop locations, starting from high loot to low loot.

1. El Pozo

Miramar El Pozo
Miramar El Pozo

El Pozo is one of the few places in Miramar that “guarantees” high-quality loot. Despite its position in the western part of the map, this place is a magnet puller for players even when the plane route is far away.

One of its primary features, besides the top-tier loot, is a high vehicle spawn rate. These vehicles can be found scattered throughout the city, providing players with a quick escape route or a way to get to other parts of the map. If you are a rookie player but want good loot, El Pozo is for you. Quickly plunder whatever you can upon landing and drive away somewhere safe.

2. Hacienda del Patron

Miramar Hacienda del Patron
Miramar Hacienda del Patron

Located right in the heart of Miramar, Hacienda is a small location but packed with dense high-quality loot. Because of its central location, it is a favorite spot for players to land on and turn into a bloodbath.

Also, the lack of vehicles only worsens the situation for newbie players since there is little to no way to escape. However, if you are a veteran PUBG player, you should definitely land here and make a solid start. Doing so would give you a head start on other players.

3. Water Treatment

Miramar Water Treatment
Miramar Water Treatment

Water Treatment is yet another one of the high-risk areas in Miramar. When compared with the above two locations in the list, it is relatively safer. Located in the upper part of the PUBG map, this facility often houses supplies for full squads. However, do know that it provides little to no cover and your squad could potentially find themselves in the midst of intense firefights.

When the plane route is far away, Water Treatment does not attract many players. Hence, it becomes a go-to spot for beginners. Moreover, its vertical landscape gives early comers a good vantage point and helps in taking out enemies quickly.

4. Campo Militar

Miramar Campo Militar
Miramar Campo Militar

Like the Water Treatment Facility, Campo Militar (Military Camp) is a potentially high-risk area in Miramar. However, its location on the extreme edge of the map repels most of the players unless the plane route is directly above it. Therefore, it is usually not a high-risk area but since it hides top-quality loot within its walls, Campo Militar always finds a handful of players.

The only drawback is, when the safe zone is not in your favor, you have a lot of jogging to do. And this consumes the majority of your time, leaving you prone to attacks from other players

5. Prison

Miramar Prison
Miramar Prison

The Prison is pretty much Campo Militar except for its directly opposite location at the other extreme end of the map. It houses good supplies but if the plane route does not favor its location, then it does not attract many players. Prison is a medium-risk area where you can find good loot along with some skirmishes from other players. If you manage to find a vehicle, then you have got more than what you bargained for.

6. Los Leones

Miramar Los Leones
Miramar Los Leones

Being the largest area in size, it is easy to fool oneself into thinking that this will be the most fiercely-contested location in Miramar. However, this is not so. At best, it is a medium to the low-risk area. The main selling point about Los Leones is its good loot, and due to its big spread-out buildings, intense firefights are also an uncommon sight. Coupled with a high vehicle spawn rate, most players usually skid out to safety as soon as they find enough supplies.

7. Minas Generales

Miramar Minas Generales
Miramar Minas Generales

Minas Generales is one of the many low-risk areas in Miramar. If you ask us, we will never recommend you go to such locations. They rarely have vehicles and often house low-quality loot. More often than not, players will be finding themselves jogging around miles on miles in search of loot.

Low-risk areas like Minas Generales are good for newbie players or those who need to plan out their strategy. At best, they have level 2 gear. Other low-key areas include the Power Plant and the Graveyard.


Vehicles in Miramar play a crucial role in navigating the landscape’s rough and difficult terrain. With its vast, open terrain and scattered cities, getting around can be a challenge without a reliable set of wheels. Also, Miramar is a paradise for those PUBG shooters who excel in long-range combat. From the sprawling desert vistas to the winding streets of its cities, Miramar offers endless opportunities to take down your opponents from a distance.

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