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Welcome to the world of Rolm: Game, the latest 2D indie title that transports you almost 1000 years into the future. In this vastly different world, one of humankind’s most ambitious visions has come true: The Droids – an intricate combination of flesh and machine that provides immortality to humans. Unfortunately, thrilling as it may sound, everything is not as it seems. The serenity of this once long-reigning society is now under threat by a grave danger from outer space.

In Rolm: Game, prepare yourself to protect humanity’s only hope for survival: Hive-03. Take control of the remaining last 4 droids and experience the thrill of race against time like never before. With force fields collapsing every 10 seconds and dangerous cosmic radiations threatening your mission, this game promises to test your skills at every step of your journey!

Become One with 4 Advanced Droids

Droid Hux
Droid Hux

In Rolm: Game, humanity is all but on the verge of extinction. You must take control of all 4 droids: Bitsi, Hux, Emmelix, and Newt, and embark on a perilous journey, doing everything you can to protect the last remnants of humankind at all costs.

The game lore starts when a nearby black hole interferes and results in an anomaly of the Sun’s fusion system on the 27th of September, 2885. The resulting interference triggers a disastrous solar flare that turns everything on Earth upside down. Even the magnetic poles are reversed, leaving the planet exposed to deadly cosmic radiation which ultimately wipes out 99.99% of life on it.

But before the solar flare hit Earth, humans managed to build a safety backup system, consisting of Project Hive-03: storing away all of human consciousness, and Force Field towers: protecting Hive-03 and key landmarks of human civilization.

And Fulfil A Duty You Were Not Meant to Do

Hux On a Mission
Hux On a Mission

But because the time was not much, Field Force towers could not be made with enough durability to withstand cosmic radiation for long. If a Field Force tower is not repaired every 10 seconds, it will start to deteriorate; risking the safety of everything under its protection. Also, the last surviving human, before being succumbed to radiation, transferred the Hive-03 data into Hope, an AI system designed to work as intended by the human consciousness.

Hope awakens the Droid Hux when you start the game and you must then navigate through futuristic cities and battle against the odds to protect the Hive-03. With Force Field towers collapsing every 10 seconds, you must act quickly to ensure the survival of the human race. As a Droid in Rolm: Game, you must keep on completing quests in what seems a perpetual loop of never-ending endeavors. And you must stay vigilant. One wrong step and everything will be doomed!

Find Your Last Hope in Dreamtime

Dreamtime A Place of Celestial Beings
Dreamtime: A Place of Celestial Beings

One day, while on a routine loop of completing daily quests, you come across a strange portal acting as a gateway to an alternate reality known as Dreamtime. Legend has it that this alternate reality is the place where the first land formed, the first rain poured down the sky, and the first flower bloomed. And since Dreamtime can only be accessed by those who have the willingness to live, you must make the most out of this golden opportunity.

As such, in Rolm: Game, prepare yourself to interact with the Celestial Elder and ask for its help in restoring Earth to its former glory. Befriend the Rainbow Serpent who will aid you in reversing Earth’s magnetic poles. Most important of all, you must avoid Rakash at all costs! He is an extraterrestrial evil creature from the 4th dimension that thrives on Earth’s radiations. In order to keep the magnetic poles reversed, he will go to any length to stop the 4 droids!

It Is Not a Story of Action and Heroism But…

How Far Will You Go
How Far Will You Go

The game’s story is not that of action and heroism but is of friendship, survival, choices, and sacrifices. As such, your journey in Rolm: Game is not an easy one. You will encounter dangers at every turn and would have to use your skills and strategic thinking to overcome them.

With an extraterrestrial creature constantly breathing down your neck, how will you team up and manage to bring back Earth’s magnetic poles to their original position? How will you outsmart Rakash and protect the Hive-03? In order to protect humanity, how far will you go? The fate of humanity is in your hands now.

Can you rise to the challenge and save the future of humanity in this blood-pumping 2D indie game adventure? Only time will tell. Download Role: Game today and begin your next jaw-dropping adventure now!

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