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GFTE Apps – Reshaping the Health & Fitness Industry Using AR (Augmented Reality)

What else makes these apps so popular?

The short answer is these apps are designed to help users convert their energy into various rewards. Who wouldn’t want that? 

rolm- Quickly Ascending the Ladder of Success

rolm is a (GF2E) application that utilizes Web3 technology that works on the principles of AI. There are specific tasks and real-world fitness challenges each day that you have to fulfill in order to earn crypto rewards while facing your fears.

What sets rolm apart is that it does not promote high-intensity workouts that will leave you breathless. Instead, it primarily focuses on completing your daily steps. These will be time-based challenges where you will need to get as many steps as possible to make as much of our in-app token called “rolm-x” or “rx” for short. After completing our fitness challenge, you enter a draw to win cool prizes like Apple Watch and more.

There is also a Global Leader Board by rolm which enlists all the users doing great in their adventurous journeys and putting in more effort to accomplish the tasks. This is to instill the feeling of competition among the users, so they receive more significant and better rewards each day and improve their overall health and fitness. 

The Interface

The rolm UI is one of its kind and has an anime vibe to it. You will start off by creating your profile with your name, and the application will start recording your steps once your account has been made. 

What are the special rewards offered by rolm? 

With each task or challenge you complete through the rolm application, you will acquire the exclusive in-app currency referred to as rolmX (RX). Soon rolm will launch its in-app store as well, which you can easily download on your device. This in-app store will enable the users to invest the hard-earned crypto token in things that will significantly impact their lifestyle. 

How Does rolm Work? 

Step 1: 

First of all, download the app on the device you are using. Then proceed with creating your account using the personal information. You next have to link up your “Steps data” with the rolm application. 

Step 2 : 

After connecting the “Steps data,” all you gotta do is walk. The more you walk, the more chances you win rewards (token RX) that you can exchange for unique items or goodies through the in-app store. 

Step 3: 

Last but not least, you can also increase your productivity level by completing several easy challenges related to your fitness level, which can further lead to some nice prizes! 

And the best part about all of this is the more you use the rolm application, the stronger your avatar is going to become till a point comes where you yourself can be an RX generating machine. 


Are You Ready to Become a Part of Our Growing Community?

Hopping onto ‘Get Fit to Earn’ apps like rolm is the new normal. The sooner you adopt, the better return. 

Rolm.io is an excellent addition to the health and fitness industry. The users can easily keep a tab on their fitness while completing daily challenges and earning rewards and money. 

So what are you waiting for? Install rolm right away and become a healthy and fit member of this fastest-growing community in the digital sphere. 

We welcome you aboard!

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