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DualSense Edge: Everything You Need to Know || Rolm

Are you looking forward to further skyrocketing your console gaming expertise? Great then, you just arrived in time as there is now a new bad boy in town!

The latest hardware revision of the PlayStation 5 controller was announced by Sony during the opening night of Gamescom 2022. It is an annual video game trade fair event and was held from August 24th to August 28th.

DualSense Edge – A Quick Overview

Sony named its latest PS5 controller, “DualSense Edge”. It comes with cool new features and improves on many over its predecessor, the DualSense controller. All good things aside, it should be noted that Sony has made this move in an attempt to counter its rival’s latest console controller: Xbox Elite Series 2.

DualSense Edge is a must-buy for competitive games where split-second decisions are vital in changing the tide of a tournament flow. And this latest PS5 controller is here to make sure you stay in complete control while breaking hell loose on your opponents in eSport matches!

Here’s everything you need to know about the DualSense Edge.

The PlayStation 5 Console

PlayStation 5 and the Original DualSense Controller

DualSense Edge is the native controller for PlayStation 5.

Released in November 2020, PlayStation 5 is the latest home gaming console by Sony and is part of the ninth generation of video game consoles. It comes in 2 variants: one with an optical disc drive; and the other with no disc drive.

The main competitors of PS5 are the Xbox Series X|S home gaming consoles by Microsoft.

DualSense Edge Controller

Release Date

DualSense Edge Controller is all set to release on January 26, 2023. It is already available to pre-order now at the official PlayStation Store online.

Body Design

The latest PlayStation 5 controller seems to be exactly looking like its predecessor. Both of these implement the same ergonomic body design that is extremely good for hours-long gaming.

However, the touchpad area of the new PS5 controller is black whereas, in the original DualSense, it is white. Besides this, the iconic PlayStation color buttons are back as opposed to the monochromatic buttons on the original DualSense.

New Features

The DualSense Edge is everything the original PS5 DualSense controller does but in a better, more refined way. Plus, it comes with extra toppings of new features that present itself much irresistible for hardcore gamers! Let’s see them one by one.

  • Back Buttons
Back Buttons in DualSense Edge

Hmm… they look so bland at first sight, though. Right?

Back buttons are one of the most vibrant changes in DualSense Edge. As the name suggests, these are located at the backside of the PS5 controller. So, the very first question that comes to our minds is what do they do?

These paddle-shaped buttons let you map game controls to suit your preferred gaming style. You can configure any input you fancy! For instance, without moving your thumbs from the analog sticks, you can swap weapons on a battlefield, initiate a sprint, as well as taunt your defeated enemies.

What’s more about these back buttons is that they are customizable! Sony already packages two sets when you buy a DualSense Edge controller. One set consists of half-domes and the other consist of levers. So, as a hardcore gamer, you can adapt any of these to flexibly suit your requirements as per your gaming needs.

  • Replaceable Stick Modules and Stick Caps
Replaceable Stick Modules and Stick Caps

Hold a sec… is that really true?! Do you mean I don’t have to buy a new controller every time I press down hard?

It is not surprising to know that the most common problem plaguing gaming controllers is the Analog Stick Drift issue. It suddenly turns your gaming experience upside down while playing a game. As a hardcore gamer, nothing could bring you more frustration than losing a match simply because of your bad controller!

With its latest PS5 DualSense Edge, Sony remarkably addressed this prevailing issue controller. It seems that the latest controller implements a more modular design.

Now, every time when your analog stick starts to cause the issue, you don’t need to replace it entirely with a new controller. With DualSense Edge, now you only need to change the bad analog stick by taking out its module and replacing it with a new one. It is that simple!

No technical requirements here as Sony ensures to make it a simple take-out-and-put-in mechanic.

Moreover, you can also change the analog stick caps with different sets that come included with the box: Standard, High-Dome, and Low-Dome. This further ensures that you get the ultimate grip you so desired for so long on the DualSense Edge Controller.

  • Customizable Controls and Multiple Profiles
Customizable Controls in DualSense Edge

There’s still more to the controller than meets the eye. In addition to all the key new improvements mentioned above, there’s another feature not disclosed until now.

This is the ability to customize your controls. And this is not a small feat by any margin. This comes big to gamers who always wanted to get the most out of their controllers.

Ever felt tired of pressing the trigger button all the way down just to land a single fire? Or ever felt like a gameplay action occurred too fast than you intended it to? Well, you can forget about all such issues.

Thanks to the switches located above the back buttons and next to the trigger button, The DualSense Edge now lets you adjust your sensitivity and determine the dead zone area in 3 different tiers!

Now you can land quick shots by traveling a shorter trigger button distance as well as a longer distance when you dread landing an unwanted shot by accidentally pressing the trigger button lightly.

Adding fuel to the fire, you do not need to adjust your controls every time you switch a game. DualSense Edge lets you save multiple profiles that you can easily change within seconds!


Of course, keeping in view of all the great features above, Sony priced its latest controllers quite high.

Just one PS5 controller is equal to almost half the price of the PlayStation 5 itself! Yes, the latest PS5 controller costs $199.

Final Thoughts

The Ultimate Controller for Hardcore Gamers

Except for all the features above, DualSense Edge is essentially the original DualSense. You can get the original DualSense for $69.99.

Watch DualSense Edge trailer.

What do you think? Is it worth the upgrade? Why and why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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