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Best PUBG Vehicles

Everything You Need to Know About the Best PUBG Vehicles || Rolm

Survival is the key to winning in PUBG. The never-ending quest to become better leads players to constantly seek out innovative tactics. This is where PUBG vehicles come into the picture.

Having the best vehicle for a given scenario can mean the difference between winning and losing the match. The right vehicle can get you to the safe zone quickly, evade enemy fire, and provide you with much-needed mobility. On the other hand, a poorly chosen vehicle can prove the opposite and make you an easy target that needs to be taken out by other players.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about the best PUBG Vehicles. We will dive into factors when it comes to choosing the best vehicle in any given match and also see which vehicles in PUBG are considered the finest.

Why Vehicles in PUBG are Important

Importance of PUBG Vehicles
Importance of PUBG Vehicles

PUBG Vehicles provide players with a unique set of combat and transport benefits. Vehicles in PUBG can give players the edge they need to come out on top. Below are the 3 main reasons why vehicles in PUBG are important.

Help in Navigating the Map Quickly

Vehicles in PUBG are used to traverse the map, escape danger, and reach the safe zone before other players. Most importantly, they help in covering the ground quickly, in case players land too far from the safe zone. Moreover, they also help in quickly searching for loot and gathering essential supplies before other players.

Source of a Protection from Bullets

Just like vests and helmets, PUBG vehicles can also be used as a means of defense in the game. For example, when stuck in a fierce exchange of firefights, vehicles in PUBG act as an added layer of protection. Players can hide behind them or strategically get in and flee from the endangered zone.

Help in Taking Out Multiple Enemies

Moreover, PUBG vehicles give novel ways to approach engagements and players can use them to refine their play style. Players who excel in vehicular combat can use their skills to outsmart their opponents. For instance, a well-timed car crash can take on a bunch of enemies instantly.

How to Choose PUBG Vehicles

Choosing Vehicles in PUBG
Choosing Vehicles in PUBG

Below are the factors you should consider when choosing a particular PUBG vehicle:

1)   Speed

In the battle for survival, PUBG is all about race against time. Speed is everything as the blue circle starts to get periodically smaller the moment a match is started. The faster a vehicle can travel, the quicker you can escape the ever-shrinking safe zone, avoid danger, reach your destination, and also evade enemy fire.

2)   Durability

The better the durability of a car, the more it can withstand enemy fire and collisions before being destroyed. PUBG vehicles show visible signs of damage and will begin to smoke before being engulfed in flames and finally blowing up.

When choosing a vehicle in PUBG, do consider whether you want a quick getaway or a more robust vehicle that can withstand enemy fire.

3)   Gas Consumption

PUBG developers tend to bring their game physics as close to reality as possible. As such, every vehicle in PUBG has a limited range of distance that it can cover. If you apply a boost when driving, more gas will be consumed than without it.

Always keep in check your current location and the destination you need to reach, and then decide accordingly. Longer distances would require vehicles with more gas.

4)   Protection

Protection means how much players are physically shielded when riding a vehicle in PUBG. This can provide cover from enemy fires as the vehicle body will absorb it. If you are wholly visible when driving a vehicle, you will take more damage than if you are partially covered.

So, before choosing any car, do keep in mind the possible terrain you will be traveling through.

5)   Number of Seats

This factor comes into consideration depending on which game mode you are playing. In solo matches, this is not important. However, in squad matches, this factor holds immense strategic value.

Depending on your survival tactics, your group may decide on traveling in two 2-seated vehicles or may decide to pick one vehicle with 4 seats.

6)   Maneuverability

PUBG maps take pride in its wide variety of terrain landscapes available throughout the different maps. For instance, you have the snow-covered peaks of Vikendi and the scorching deserts of Miramar.

Different vehicles perform differently in different areas. Some operate better on the road while some fare better going full dirt on off-road tracks.

Top 5 Best PUBG Vehicles

There is not any “THE” best vehicle in PUBG. Every vehicle is best suited for some specific situation. If a vehicle in PUBG excels in a certain criterion, it has its cons as well to strike the balance.

If you ask us, the following are the top 5 best PUBG vehicles.



Native to the map of Miramar, Mirado is one of the most classic cars. With a speed of about 152 km/h, it is one of the fastest in PUBG. Another reason that makes Mirado one of the best vehicles is its high durability of 2000 health points, capable of withstanding a lot of damage. It houses up to 4 players.



Native to the map of Erangel, UAZ comes in 4 models. The closed-top variant is the most useful of all. UAZ is primarily an off-road military vehicle with a high durability of 2000 health points. Being one of the best vehicles in PUBG, UAZ has a decent max speed of 116 km/h. It houses up to 4 players.



Common to all maps in PUBG, Buggy takes pride in its off-road as well as on-road capabilities. Being an all-rounder, Buggy is a great mode of transportation with decent specs. It has a max speed of about 100 km/h and 1540 health points. However, Buggy is limited to 2 players only.



Common to all maps in PUBG, Motorcycle is often the go-to option for the majority of players. It has a high speed of 152 km/h but is best suited for on-road traveling. However, note that it has a low durability of only health 1000 points and a max capacity of 2 players.

Dacia 1300


Native to the maps of Erangel and Vikendi, Dacia 1300 is yet another one of the best vehicles in PUBG. It has a max speed of 131 km/h and boasts a relatively high durability of 1800 health points. Dacia is best suited for on-road traveling and houses up to 4 players.

Final Thoughts

So, this is everything you need to know about the best PUBG vehicles. Feel like we missed something above? Share your thoughts with us and let us know in the comments below!

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