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KDA and Calories- Make Gamers Sweat With rolm

We’ve all heard the stereotype- gamers are overweight, gamers are unhealthy, gamers are inactive. To some extent, they’re right. Most avid gamers have a lower activity level than average- and that’s saying it mildly. But what if there was a way for gamers to be more motivated towards exercise- without sacrificing game time?

Play Time for Pay Time

rolm has figured out the key to making gamers sweat for real, not just in-game. They know the best way to make gamers active is to give them something to play. Game Time cards are a sort of purchasable gift card that provide gamers with purchased in-game currency for a specific game- which they can then use to buy in-game items and skins.

            By incentivizing gamers with the chance to earn Game Time cards just by being active, rolm expects their sedentary lifestyle to take a drastic turn towards being active.

Ice in My Veins

Passive income provides yet another carrot on the stick for them to follow. While already having a shallow barrier of entry, providing the opportunity to earn tangible currency is also a sweet spot many will find hard to ignore. With the rx they earn, gamers can purchase items other than Game Time cards. They can purchase gift cards ranging from Amazon to Google Play and even Netflix subscriptions if they want. By providing the opportunity to earn these cards that they can then use to purchase items in the real world, rolm acts as the perfect source of passive income- saving their wallet and their body a lot of trouble!


            2022 is looking ripe for Move2Earn apps like rolm to swoop in and dominate the market. Offering so many exciting incentives and reasons to start getting active, gamers will find it harder to keep growing that dad bod and easier to start growing their muscles.

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