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GOW Ragnarök vs Elden Ring

God of War Ragnarök VS Elden Ring the Ultimate Comparison || Rolm

In this article, we will go through an ultimate comparison between God of War Ragnarök and Elden Ring to see which one is better. Since their launch, both of them have proved to be a critical success and amassed stellar reviews globally.

The Elden Ring went even a step further to claim the 2022 Game of the Year Award. Even before the Games Award 2022, this had been a topic of hot debate among the fans of both games. The GOTY award only succeeded in adding more fuel to the fire.

Check out the following God of War Ragnarök VS Elden Ring: The Ultimate Comparison!


God of War Ragnarök

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GOW Ragnarök Game

God of War Ragnarök is an epic sequel to 2018’s jaw-dropping God of War. The game picks up from where the prequel left the story. Players embark on a thrilling venture and journey through all of the 9 realms of Norse mythology to thwart the scheming plot of the cunning God Odin and avert Ragnarök (the ultimate destruction).

Elden Ring

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Elden Ring Game

Elden Ring is a standalone video game title that features a highly shattered and utterly fragmented world of Lands Between. Players are left at the mercy of their own interpretation of the game’s gigantic open world. The ultimate aim is to seek all the Great Runes to recreate the broken Elden Ring and become the supreme Elden Lord.


God of War Ragnarök

Even though God of War Ragnarök features a large open world, it has linear gameplay. Players can freely roam their surroundings but can only advance in one direction. In God of War Ragnarök, players visit each of the 9 distinct realms of Norse mythology. These are Muspelheim, Niflheim, Alfheim, Helheim, Jotunheim, Midgard, The Lake of the Nine, Vanaheim, and Asgard.

Elden Ring

In stark contrast to God of War Ragnarök, Elden Ring features non-linear gameplay. Players have complete freedom in exploring the game’s vast uncharted lands and in advancing at their own pace. The interconnected world of Lands Between is full of secrets and surprises. As players progress in the game, they try to unravel and make sense of their alienated surroundings.

Replay Value

God of War Ragnarök

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GOW Ragnarök Combat

God of War Ragnarök has a pre-defined story layout that unfolds the same every time the game is replayed. However, players do have the option to upgrade their weapons and character to suit their own style in each repeated attempt.

For instance, in one attempt a player can choose to fight with Cold Leviathan Axe and in the second attempt, the player can fight with the blazing Blades of Chaos. God of War Ragnarök has a limited replay value since players know what to expect in each repeated attempt.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring Classes
Elden Ring Classes

Elden Ring breaks the ground here with its seemingly infinite replay value. When the game starts, players have a sea of categories to develop their character. They can choose to be a Prophet, Warrior, Vagabond, or even a Bandit among many options. Every character class has its own perks and a recommended progression route.

Furthermore, players have a big arsenal of weapon choices such as swords, bows, lances, spears, magic, shields, as well as horses to quickly gallop through the game world. Every monster and beast can be fought in any style possible.

In addition to this, there are some time-restricted events in Elden Ring that, if missed, won’t be available again. For instance, if you do not follow a particular questline of an NPC, you may find them dead or missing.

Summing it all up, Elden Ring has an unmatched replay value where no replay attempt feels the same!

Character-Player Bonding

God of War Ragnarök

This is where God of War Ragnarök takes the lead. As astounding as its gameplay, equally enchanting is the father-son relationship that develops throughout Ragnarök. Players get deeply attached to both the characters: Kratos and Atreus, as they play the game.

God of War Ragnarök delivers some of the most heart-wrenching moments that move players to tears. Even after completing the game, the feeling of attachment is hard to subside. Now it makes sense why Ragnarök fans are so attached to the game!

Elden Ring

In Elden ring, however, players set out on their own and develop their own unique storylines. Elden Ring does not revolve around emotion building and character attachment. It is a lost world where making sense of one’s surroundings is vital to survival. Players only have one thing in mind: TO BECOME THE ELDEN LORD. And how they achieve it is totally on their own.


God of War Ragnarök

GOW Ragnarök Game Ending
GOW Ragnarök Game Ending

Like most video games, God of War Ragnarök has only 1 epic game end. No matter how players proceed with their gameplay, they will eventually face off to the same conclusion. This is not to say that GOW Ragnarök is boring. It delivers some of the best and most memorable moments throughout the game that glues users to their seats!

Elden Ring

Elden Ring All 6 Endings
Elden Ring All 6 Endings

Elden Ring, on the other hand, has more diverse gameplay and 6 unique endings. Players fully bear the consequences of their actions as some decisions impact the game’s universe irreversibly. Bearing this in mind, players are forced to be cautious with their choice of decisions.

Completion Time

God of War Ragnarök

Just like almost any game today, God of War Ragnarök has a main questline together with a vast number of side activities. Only the main questline is needed to finish the game and reach conclusion. As per the statistics of HowLongToBeat, the main story requires 25.5 hours on average while the completionist run takes around 52 hours on average.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring, on the other hand, is a much larger game that requires more time investment than Ragnarök. As per the statistics of HowLongToBeat, the time required to complete the main storyline of Elden Ring is about 54.5 hours. Moreover, as far as the completionist run is considered, it takes 133 hours to achieve it!

Final Thoughts

This is our God of War Ragnarök VS Elden Ring: The Ultimate Comparison. Keeping in view of all of the points above, in our opinion, Elden Ring outshines God of War Ragnarök and is the better of the two.

Do you have some other points in mind not mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below!

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