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Are Ya Winning, Son? Healthy Gaming for Concerned Parents

How Will it Help Parents?

The basis of Quest2Earn is to reward users for completing certain fitness tasks, taking a certain number of steps, etc. By implementing Quest2Earn in their children’s lives, parents may capitalize on this platform by rewarding their children for being active. A classic example of this is the Game Time cards. Game Time cards are gift cards that allow you to buy in-game items only able to be bought with real-world money.

Promotes Socializing

Rolm – Helping Parents Achieve their Positive Parenting Goals

With Rolm, parents and guardians can achieve two objectives – keeping their golden agers busy with stuff they love and encouraging them to stay fit while earning rx. Having more rx in their wallet will also trigger a sense of independence and freedom, which isn’t quite possible while doing any other activity currently available online. 


What more could parents ask for?

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