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Mogul Moves With Quest2Earn- Increasing Productivity in the Office

While not many people realize it, a healthy lifestyle plays a significant role in their professional life. Not only does physical activity improve your health, but it also boosts your productivity by a considerable amount. So how can we use this in an office setting to help increase the productivity in these spaces? That’s where new Web3 tech like Quest2Earn comes in.

How Do I Use This in the Office?

            Like all applications of Quest2Earn technology, users are provided with an incentive to stay active. In most cases, apps like Rolm reward users with a rx they can use to purchase many different items, from Game Time cards and gift cards to even NFTs. But how does that fit into the office setting? Well, employers can use these incentives to motivate their employees to stay active.

Rewarding employees for meeting daily step goals or regular challenge completions can be a sustainable way to do that. With the loyalty points they’ll earn from their activity, they can buy gift cards, Game Time cards, or a plethora of other items from the in-app marketplaces. Incentivizing your employees with Amazon gift cards and Disney+ subscriptions is sure to boost their physical activity level. But why do we need a high level of physical activity in the workplace? The answer is simple: productivity.

Taking Health Of Your Employees to the Next Level

We all know exercise improves your health- what a lot of us don’t know is that it also significantly impacts productivity. Not only does it give us more energy overall to stay alert and active while working, keeping away the afternoon slumps, but it also theoretically improves mental capacity and clears brain fog. Exercise improves your office efficiency by:

  • Improving attention
  • Improving memory
  • Increasing your creativity
  • Vastly improving your time management
  • Elevating your mood and energy levels
  • Alleviating stress
  • Leading to overall better mental health


With Quest2Earn platforms, employees can be encouraged to exercise, increasing their health and work productivity. At the same time, the employees profit from their dedication with gift cards, Game Time cards, and other rewards of their choosing. It’s a win-win for all sides. The future of office spaces is about to change, and Quest2Earn will pave the way for this revolution.

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