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The next big step into fitness and technology; Get to know the rolm App


The fusion of fitness with technology transcends using applications for step counting or keeping a record of how many pushups you’ve done for the day. With cryptocurrency, we have an earning mechanism that pays you for getting and staying fit. With the introduction of rolm, we expect innovative earning protocols that do not naturally emphasize getting paid for the counts but introduce challenges that make fitness more fun and rewarding.

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Let’s get to know rolm better

Another getfit and earn crypto tool to explore. Rolm is creating an avenue to help users get healthier and wealthier while capturing the need to make proper use of information in the fitness industry to get fitness lovers the best gyms, best personal trainers and of course, the best tech tools for amazing fitness experiences.
The fitness industry was $96.7 billion in 2020 and still blooming with potential. However, there is no proper use of such information. Hence, the rolm ecosystem is set to create a platform where regular and simple fitness information is made available for fitness lovers and organizations to facilitate important decisions that make staying fit what everyone can do.

What are the questions you have in mind?


Why do I get paid?

Rolm understands the value behind simple fitness information like the dedication to participate in challenges, the need for a good or close gym, or even the requirement for more sophisticated gym apparel. Hence, it gives users an incredible earning mechanism that lets them earn for participating in simple fitness challenges. In the real sense, you get wealthier for starting a fitness journey, participating in challenges, and doing what keeps you healthier


How does rolm work?

Rolm is a web3-enabled ecosystem that uses web 3 technology to give users an easy-to-use application and extensive, easy-to-navigate interface that makes earning possible globally. You can getfit and earn crypto at  the same time
The rolm tokens use the dual-token system to present users with an extensively earning protocol. The rolm token is the major governance token in the rolm ecosystem. When users participate in challenges, they get the rolm tokens as rewards. The rolmx token is our utility token used to make purchases on the rolm marketplace.

Rolm also presents gym and personal trainers with a subscription system that helps showcase their facilities and talents. With this, they can grow a robust list of clients. While this increases brand exposure, it is affordable for everyone to enjoy.


What is the rolm marketplace and wearables?

Our ecosystem rewards early users with wearables such as NFTs that can be sold. Also, participating in challenges comes with the chance to win wearables, and you can sell those on the marketplace.


How does rolm use this information?

Information gathered through your fitness activities is available for professionals who want to provide people globally with top-notch fitness services. You get to meet top-notch gyms and qualified personal trainers who can help you enjoy fitness better and achieve your goals faster.



Rolm is here for every fitness lover, gym, and personal trainer to explore. We’re creating a world with more potential and an avenue where everyone can thrive and grow effortlessly. Get your fitness apparel ready for the best getfit challenges and earn simultaneously.

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