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The Ultimate Erangel Map Guide in PUBG || Rolm

Erangel is the first-ever map to be featured in PUBG: Battlegrounds, a game that revolutionized the battle royale genre. Set on a fictional island in the Black Sea, this place is home to a diverse terrain, housing a number of distinct topographical locations: dense forests, coastal cities, steep hills, roaring rivers, as well as terrifying open grasslands.

In Erangel, the battle for survival never stops. It contains a number of places that are just perfect for carrying out a bloodbath of intense firefights. Owing to its sheer 8×8 kilometer square area, Erangel can be a very daunting sight for beginners.

Therefore, in this map guide, we’ll take a deep dive into everything you need to know to get started in Erangel. From the best loot locations and landing strategies to survival tips and winning matches, everything is here for you!

Erangel Landing Strategy

PUBG Erangel Map
PUBG Erangel Map

Since players jump off a plane at the start of any PUBG match, it is important to start with landing strategies. Knowing your landing strategy helps in getting a head start on other players.

How to Effectively Land in PUBG Erangel Map

All PUBG match starts with a plane traveling in a direct straight path. Since this path route is randomized, it is different for every match.

However, know that it is always a straight path. From the plane’s direction of travel, you can always land a further of 1-2 kilometers. And this depends on a number of factors such as where you aim to land and when you open your parachute as well as how you travel to your destination.

  • The best bet is often to first mark your landing location right from the start of the match. And then line it up with the wing of the airplane, i.e., when the plane is perfectly at a right angle to your location.
  • To travel fast, you need to travel ahead. For this, look at the horizon and you will cover distance more quickly than if looking up or down.
  • When above your landing spot, look straight down and glide directly downwards. This will give you a max speed of 234 m/s, hence a quicker landing.

Usually, it is better to land near a vehicle. However, if you land in a hot spot and find yourself in the midst of firefights, take cover. Once the battle heat is over, you can now loot in peace and gather supplies.

Remember that you only have the first 5 minutes before the first blue ring appears. Make good use of the timer above the mini-map. It will give you a good idea of when the blue circle starts moving inwards.

Erangel Map Best Starting Locations

Since Erangel is a big map, there are a lot of ideal locations that contain top-tier gear. More often than not, these ideal locations are also fiercely-contested. When landing in such places, be mentally prepared to fight to the death as the chances of being killed are very high. Following are the best drop locations, starting from high loot to low loot.

1.    Military Base

Erangel Military Base
Erangel Military Base

The only place in Erangel that “guarantees” top-tier gear is the Military Base located in the southern part of the map. You will find the best loot here, particularly in the three big buildings arranged in a U-Shape that houses full 4-player squad supplies.

However, if it is directly below the flight path, this area is going to be heavily contested. Without good teamwork, it is better to land somewhere else. It is a high-risk area and is usually the go-to place for pro-PUBG players.

2.    Georgopol Crates

Erangel Georgopol
Erangel Georgopol

South of the river and north of the mountains, Georgopol Crates act like a strong magnetic puller for PUBG players. Even when out of range, you will still find some players landing or reaching there due to the sheer number of top-tier weapons and equipment available here. It is a medium-risk area since it is at the edge. However, if the plane route is near or above it, Gerogopol is not then for the faint of heart.

3.    Mylta Power

Erangel Mylta Power
Erangel Mylta Power

Mylta Power is yet another good landing point. The main green building and the surrounding warehouses often store top-tier gear for players. Like the military base, it is one of the top contested places if the flight path is directly above it.

If on the edge of the route, then the Mylta Power plant location is a must-go-to place. Try to grab a vehicle fast if it is too far away. There is another small power plant west of Mylta Power that also house good gear but might prove insufficient for a squad. However, the western area is best for solo or duo players.

4.    School and Rozhok

Erangel School and Rozhok
Erangel School and Rozhok

Both of these locations have huge amounts of equipment gear but at mid-level. Also, these are one of the favorite landing spots for most PUBG players. Because many players land here, more often than not, the majority are killed upon landing. It is a high-risk area as it is in the heart of Erangel. School, in particular, is an absolute death trap.

5.    Prison and Shelter

Erangel Prison and Shelter
Erangel Prison and Shelter

Both these places hold vast disposals of top-quality gear and equipment. These are must-go-to locations when the flight path is far away. Still, don’t expect to be safe in these locations since everyone will be thinking the same as you and get here.

6.    Ferry Pier

Erangel Ferry Pier
Erangel Ferry Pier

Ferry Pier is a low-populated area and hence fewer players come here. However, even though it is relatively safe, the loot found is often not good. Still, the chances of finding something great are present. Ferry Pier is a great location for calmer landings.

Apart from these above said locations, there are also several other low-risk small areas speckled all over the Erangel. Though you will find low equipment gear here, these small locations are a good safe spot for thinking out your battle strategy.

Also, the likes of Yasnaya Polyana, Primorsk, Pochinki, Novorepnoye, Lipovka, and Severny are all good locations to land. And for the same reason, these are also dangerous at the same time. When you land here, look out for warehouses, cafes, restaurants, as well as churches for high concentrations of loot.


Erangel is a dynamic and unpredictable battleground that offers a diverse range of landing options for players seeking to come out on top.

As seen above, there are a number of strategies and landing locations that can give you an edge in the game, but it is important to remember that each match is different and the plane’s route can significantly impact your landing options.

What do you think of this Erangel map guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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