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PUBG Sanhok

The Ultimate Sanhok Map Guide in PUBG || Rolm

Sanhok has the privilege of being the smallest map in the popular battle royale game, PUBG: Battlegrounds. Inspired by the islands of Thailand and the Philippines, this place is set in a lush tropical environment featuring a number of captivating topographical areas. From dense forests and mountainous terrain to numerous waterways and intriguing Asian structures, there is something for everyone here!

For those who are always on the hunt for unique challenges and endeavors for survival, Sanhok presents them with an ideal opportunity. It is a 4×4 fast-paced map featuring the perfect locations for close-quarter firefights. With smaller and congested areas, players have no choice but to engage in fierce battles.

When you read this guide, you will be able to better negotiate with the ever-charming landscape of Sanhok. In particular, we will look at the right strategies and knowledge that will make you come out at the top.

Sanhok Landing Strategy

PUBG Sanhok Map
PUBG Sanhok Map

Since players jump off a plane at the start of any PUBG match, it is important to start with landing strategies. Knowing your landing strategy helps in getting a head start on other players.

How to Effectively Land in PUBG Sanhok Map

All PUBG match starts with a plane traveling in a direct straight path. Since this path route is randomized, it is different for every match.

However, know that it is always a straight path. From the plane’s direction of travel, you can always land a further of 1-2 kilometers. And this depends on a number of factors such as where you aim to land and when you open your parachute as well as how you travel to your destination.

  • The best bet is often to first mark your landing location in Sanhok right from the start of the match. And then line it up with the wing of the airplane, i.e., when the plane is perfectly at a right angle to your location.
  • To travel fast, you need to travel ahead. For this, look at the horizon and you will cover distance more quickly than if looking up or down.
  • When above your landing spot, look straight down and glide directly downwards. This will give you a max speed of 234 m/s, hence a quicker landing.

Usually, it is better to land near a vehicle. However, if you land in a hot spot and find yourself in the midst of firefights, take cover. Once the battle heat is over, you can now loot in peace and gather supplies.

Remember that you only have the first 5 minutes before the first blue ring appears. Make good use of the timer above the mini-map. It will give you a good idea of when the blue circle starts moving inwards.

Sanhok Map Best Starting Location

The tropical area of Sanhok is home to a dense jungle biome along with a number of key settlements. You can find rich loot in many of its places and because of its smaller size, it is very easy to hop from one location to another. And for the very same reason, fierce firefight exchanges quickly take place on this PUBG map. Following are the best drop locations, starting from high loot to low loot.

1.    Bootcamp

Sanhok Bootcamp
Sanhok Bootcamp

Bootcamp is situated right in the center of the Sanhok map and hence very approachable. No matter the plane route, Bootcamp acts like a magnet puller for players due to its top-notch loot. Its open layout beckons players from all directions which further makes this location even more dreading. The high loot ensures long shootouts that quickly escalate to a bloodbath. Make sure to not land in the middle of the Bootcamp if you are not a veteran player, or else… RIP.

2.    Paradise Resort

Sanhok Paradise Resort
Sanhok Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort is not just any ordinary vacation spot located near the center of this PUBG map. It is home to solid loot that’s spread out all over its large area. Unless the plane route is on the edge, Paradise Resort manages to pull a big chunk of players toward it. It promises top-tier plunder to anyone who dares to venture here. However, do know that Paradise Resort has a low vehicle spawn rate.

3.   Camp Alpha

Sanhok Camp Alpha
Sanhok Camp Alpha

Camp Alpha is at the extreme western edge of Sanhok. Most of the time it is of average difficulty but can become highly risky if the map’s blue circle decides to close in here. Camp Alpha yields high-rewarding loot to those players who manage to navigate through the difficult blocky waterways.

The main selling point about Camp Alpha is its high vantage points that can give a player a wide overview of the surrounding areas. Either drop directly here or if you happen to come by foot, make sure to arrive in a vehicle. The river must be the last option as it leaves you exposed to other player attacks.

4.    Camp Bravo

Sanhok Camp Bravo
Sanhok Camp Bravo

Camp Bravo is much like Camp Alpha with the only exception being located in the complete opposite direction. While being located on the eastern edge of Sanhok, Camp Bravo is also relatively far away from other big settlements. Consequently, it is not so heavily contested while also delivering top-quality loot.

However, in case you find yourself in the midst of firefights at Camp Bravo, do watch your back. There are a lot of open windows and sneaky places from where you can get hit.

5.    Ha Tinh

Sanhok Ha Tinh
Sanhok Ha Tinh

Much like every other place in PUBG Sanhok, Ha Tinh is of medium difficulty. It is a large area full of quality loot. Coupled with its high rate of vehicle spawns, Ha Tinh quickly becomes the hot spot when the plane route is directly above it. If you plan to get a vehicle upon landing, then Ha Tinh is for you. Also, there is no need to panic if you detect other players here. Due to its large size, you can securely gear up and leave without any serious standoff.

6.    Quarry

Sanhok Quarry
Sanhok Quarry

Many players mistake Quarry as a high-profile area due to its proximity to the center of the map. What they usually find is low-quality loot. Also, this place stands in relatively open ground which is in stark contrast to Sanhok’s densely populated covered landscape. Besides Quarry, there are several other places as well that are notable for being easy to land on. Tambang and Mongnai are two such examples. Low-key areas are usually best for strategic planning as well as newbie players.


To succeed in Sanhok, it is important to be strategic and utilize every advantage at your disposal since you will be facing a lot of close encounters. Use silencers on weapons to remain undetected and ride vehicles with caution as they give away your location. Given careful planning is in place and everything is skillfully executed, you can emerge victorious in this action-packed PUBG map.

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