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PUBG Vikendi

The Ultimate Vikendi Map Guide in PUBG || Rolm

Vikendi is one of the most thrilling and unpredictable maps in PUBG: Battlegrounds, a game that revolutionized the battle royale genre. Set on a fictional isolated Northern resort island in the Adriatic Sea, this place is home to a snow-covered terrain and unforgiving landscape that houses a number of dread-filled places: frozen lakes, lofty mountains, abandoned towns, as well as daunting military bases.

Every area in Vikendi offers unique challenges and exciting opportunities to carry out high-stake ambushes, frantic shootouts, and intense standoffs. Vikendi has a 6×6 kilometer square area that makes it the just perfect location for players coming from every walk of life.

Navigating Vikendi in PUBG can prove very challenging, especially for beginners. Therefore, in this map guide, we’ll provide you with the right strategies and knowledge that you can use to take up your game to the next level.

Vikendi Landing Strategy

PUBG Vikendi Map
PUBG Vikendi Map

Since players jump off a plane at the start of any PUBG match, it is important to start with landing strategies. Knowing your landing strategy helps in getting a head start on other players.

How to Effectively Land in PUBG Vikendi Map

All PUBG match starts with a plane traveling in a direct straight path. Since this path route is randomized, it is different for every match.

However, know that it is always a straight path. From the plane’s direction of travel, you can always land a further of 1-2 kilometers. And this depends on a number of factors such as where you aim to land and when you open your parachute as well as how you travel to your destination.

  • The best bet is often to first mark your landing location in Vikendi right from the start of the match. And then line it up with the wing of the airplane, i.e., when the plane is perfectly at a right angle to your location.
  • To travel fast, you need to travel ahead. For this, look at the horizon and you will cover distance more quickly than if looking up or down.
  • When above your landing spot, look straight down and glide directly downwards. This will give you a max speed of 234 m/s, hence a quicker landing.

Usually, it is better to land near a vehicle. However, if you land in a Vikendi hot spot and find yourself in the midst of firefights, take cover. Once the battle heat is over, you can now loot in peace and gather supplies.

Remember that you only have the first 5 minutes before the first blue ring appears. Make good use of the timer above the mini-map. It will give you a good idea of when the blue circle starts moving inwards.

Vikendi Map Best Starting Locations

As you descend upon the sprawling terrain of Vikendi, you’ll quickly realize that the hunt for top-tier loot is a treacherous one. Often the best places are where the fiercest of battles are fought. If you’re brave enough to land in these highly contested areas, be prepared to fight for your life. Following are the best drop locations, starting from high loot to low loot.

1.    Castle

Vikendi Castle
Vikendi Castle

Located in the lower middle of the map, the Castle in Vikendi is the center of attention and hence one of the most dangerous places to land. At the same time, it is also home to some of the richest loot around. Since it is a hotspot for pro-PUBG players, the moment you land here, you’ll be locked in a fierce battle for survival.

Being ringed with towering walls and intricate passageways, the Castle of Vikendi provides numerous opportunities for ambushes and sneak attacks. The surrounding water raises the stakes even higher. If the plane route is directly above the castle, you are better off with other places.

2.    Goroka

Vikendi Goroka
Vikendi Goroka

Hiding a treasure trove of valuable loot, it is no wonder why Goroka remains one of the highly popular landing spots in PUBG Vikendi. It immaculately sets the perfect stage for next-level chaos and loot.

More often than not, the moment you hit the ground in Goroka, you will find almost all the necessary supplies. This place is dotted with a number of houses storing top-tier gear. If looking for survival, your best bet is often to quickly gear up and run away. However, if Goroka is on the edge of a plane route, it is a must-go-to location for quick loot.

3.   Cosmodrom

Vikendi Cosmodrome
Vikendi Cosmodrome

Cosmodrome is yet another one of the most rewarding areas on the PUBG Vikendi map. However, the good news is that it is not as much dangerous as Castle or Goroka.

Cosmodrome is an abandoned spaceport and is popular due to its sheer size as well as spread-out buildings. Moreover, it also has an underground area that often houses top-notch equipment for players. Although it attracts many players towards it, even with average skills, you can easily defend yourself here.

4.   Winery

Vikendi Winery
Vikendi Winery

Winery is one of the southernmost locations in Vikendi and can be found right next to Pilnec. Like Cosmodrome, Winery is better known for its nice loot while being relatively not so dangerous. However, you do need to be careful of the adjacent Pilnec area as many players usually pour into Winery from there.

The main selling point about the Winery is its wine cellars that can be found underneath some of its top-level sheds. These sheds often have a lot of solid loot. However, if the plane route is directly above it, Winery can be the most dangerous location for that match.

5.    Hot Springs

Vikendi Hot Springs
Vikendi Hot Springs

Hot Springs is yet another one of the relatively safe locations that come with potential solid loot. Since top-tier gear is not in large supply, this location is more suitable for solo players rather than squads or even duos.

Consequently, this makes it a less popular destination and there will not be many firefights. The two main houses in Hot Springs should be your starting point. And if you still do not manage to plunder enough loot, you can search the rest of the area.

6.    Trevno

Vikendi Trevno
Vikendi Trevno

Because of its location on the extreme edge of the upper Vikendi, Trevno does not attract much attention. Though this place will not present you with good loot, it will, however, give you enough time in peace to plan your next strategy. Because it is densely packed, there is also much less chance of being exposed in the open.

Still, this port town has a fair number of spread-out buildings that contain some good loot. If you can’t find any good loot, Cosmodrome is always the next go-to high-profile location.

7.    Cantra

Vikendi Cantra
Vikendi Cantra

Cantra is a small coastal town located in the southeast corner of the map. When compared with other similar towns like Vihar and Krichas, Cantra often has good loot. Particularly, the church in Cantra houses good quality equipment.


As seen above, Vikendi in PUBG offers a variety of places for players to land on. Each location presents its own rewards and challenges. There is almost everything for everyone on this snow-covered island. Whether you are looking for heart-pounding firefight hotspots or peaceful places for strategic planning, Vikendi in PUBG has got your back!

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