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Top 5 Best Horror Games of 2023

Top 5 Best Horror Game Remakes of 2023 || Rolm

This year, the gaming industry has been ruthlessly cruel in unleashing a wave of terror-filled remake titles that will leave players quivering with fear. The upcoming lineup is all set to deliver an onslaught of lethal fright that will scare the living shit out of gamers!

We have already witnessed the frightening start of 2023 with the Dead Space Remake. And now, it is time to buckle up for an even more adrenaline-fueled venture that will constantly keep us on the edge of our seats.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of survival horror or psychological horror, the upcoming horror game remakes feature a terribly rich cocktail of all petrifying elements. From supernatural haunts to brutal slasher-style, this year of horror games is guaranteed to be nightmarishly daunting.

Here are the top 5 best horror game remakes of 2023 that will test the limits of your courage:

5. System Shock

System Shock
System Shock

System Shock is an upcoming 2023 survival horror video game developed by Nightdive Studios. It is a master remake of the original 1994 game of the same name.

Players assume the character of an anonymous security hacker who receives a lucrative offer from an artificial intelligence system known as SHODAN. However, little do the players know that they are being tricked into an intricate web of deception that puts the very fate of the planet at stake. When the evil agenda of AI to rule the world comes to light, the game protagonist tries to avert it. In doing so, he comes into a direct clash with the deadly and brutal minions of SHODAN!

In System Shock, death is always a step away and the only way out is through the depths of darkness. To deliver a one-of-a-kind horror experience, the remake version features an even more oppressive atmosphere, over-the-top jump scares, and realistic enhanced graphics.

Can you be able to outsmart the evil genius mind of AI SHODAN and put an end to its nefarious plan?

Watch the System Shock trailer.

4. Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is an upcoming 2023 survival horror video game developed by Tecmo. It is a master remake of the original 2008 game of the same name.

The game focuses on the story of four different girls and players control all of them at various points during the game. The girls are drawn toward a remote island in Japan, shrouded in mystery, where they encounter ghostly creatures and haunting spirits lurking in dark corners. In an attempt to seek out answers, the girls uncover way more sinister horrors than they could have possibly imagined. As they delve deeper and explore the foreboding game world, the girls take a dive right into the heart of terror and fright!

In Fatal Frame, players are only equipped with a “Camera Obscura” and soon find themselves in a fight-or-flight situation that puts at stake the very fate of the island and the girls themselves. The remake version delivers an even more chilling tale of survival and fear that has been rendered all the better with modernized upgrades.

Do you have enough guts to take on the remastered horrors of Fatal Frame?

Watch the Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse trailer.

3. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is an upcoming 2023 survival horror video game developed by Bloober Team. It is a master remake of the original 2001 game with the same name.

The game puts players into the shoes of James Sunderland, a man tormented by his past memories and demons that dwell within his mind. One day, he receives a letter from his dead wife stating that she is waiting for him in Silent Hill. In order to seek answers and uncover the truth, James sets out on a dread-filled journey to the fog-shrouded town only to face things beyond his worst nightmares!

In Silent Hill, players dive into a valley of madness as they explore a tale of loss, guilt, unspeakable terrors, and personal demons skulking within the human mind. The remake version features a tremendously improved alienated atmosphere and lighting, enhanced sound quality, realistic fog effects, as well as better combat mechanics.

Can you be able to travel in the world of Silent Hill 2 where the line between reality and nightmare is blurred?

Watch the Silent Hill 2 trailer.

2. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is an upcoming 2023 survival horror video game developed by Capcom. It is a master remake of the original 2004 game with the same name.

The players take on the role of the US Government Agent, Leon Kennedy, as he comes to the desolate rural village in remote Spain where the President’s daughter, Ashley Graham has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult. Leon discovers to his horror that the once peaceful citizens of the town have been mindless, bloodthirsty creatures. As his hunt for Ashley continues, Leon delves ever deeper into the doomed town and encounters various enemies, including chainsaw-wielding lunatics, powerful bosses, as well as regenerating monsters!

In Resident Evil 4, players will find themselves in a world where the living dead roam the streets and death is just around the corner. The remake versions feature modernized visuals, a tenser atmosphere, improved character designs, and enhanced backgrounds and sound quality.

Are you brave enough to take on the world of Resident Evil 4 where terror and fear rule the night?

Watch the Resident Evil 4 trailer.

1. Dead Space

Dead Space
Dead Space

Developed by Motive Studio, Dead Space is the first groundbreaking horror video game of 2023 that was released on January 27th. It is a master remake of the original 2008 game with the same name.

Players put on the character of a space engineer, Isaac Clarke, who arrives with his crew to repair a mining ship in deep space that has gone silent. Isaac soon discovers a virus outbreak on the ship that has resulted in large-scale monstrosities. His crewmates are horribly slaughtered and with no communication with the outside world, Isaac is completely left at the ruthless mercy of wild, deadly, and twisted humanoid creatures. In his attempt to escape, Isaac discovers a horrendous conspiracy that has given life to this otherworldly nightmare!

In the remake version of Dead Space, players unearth horror like never before as they enter a world consumed by terror and darkness. They say fear has many faces and one of them is the frozen silence of space where terror is unforgivingly friendly!

With the game already out, can you muster up the courage to look horror dead in the eye?

Watch the Dead Space trailer.

Final Thoughts

So, this is our list of the top 5 best horror games of 2023. Do you agree with us? If not, then why? Let us know in the comments below!

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