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Upcoming Steam Sales in 2022

Steam sales are great opportunities for players to buy their favorite games for discounted prices and enjoy them. Even though some games go on sale randomly due to publisher promotions and events, there are big Steam store-wide sales happening throughout the year. These big sales usually go up around known special seasons and on some special holidays including Spring, Summer, Halloween, etc.

If you are wondering when the next steam sale is coming, we have got you covered. This article will go through everything you need to know about the upcoming Steam sales including their dates, duration, and a guide on how to get the best deals.

When is the next Steam Sale?

2022 has already come to an end and almost all major Steam Sales planned for this year’s calendar have already concluded. However, there is still one big sale left to hit the store and it will be the Steam Winter Sale kicking off on December 22. Out of all the sales planned for the year, Winter Sale stands out as one of the biggest ones on the platform as everyone will be lining up to spend their holiday bonuses to treat themselves to some really good games.

The Steam Winter Sale is one of the longer sales too, meaning that the sale will be up and live for an entirety of 2 weeks. In other words; the sale will commence on December 22, 2022, and last till January 5, 2022. This sale will include some of the steepest discounts you see on the platform and make sure you utilize this opportunity to grab your favorite games.

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Tips for shopping during Steam Sales

Steam Sales usually pack a ton of discounts for almost all of the games available on the platform and while some of them aren’t enticing offers, some discounts go up to even 90%! And on top of that, some publishers even bundle up games for discounts so you can get some pretty sweet deals. Taking maximum benefit out of a Steam Sale might not seem so simple after all. Here are some tips to get ready for the upcoming steam sale.

01. Wishlist your favorite games

Go and add your favorite games to your wishlist right now so that you can easily keep track of what games you need to buy. Some other benefits of doing so are you get notified whenever a game on your wishlist goes on sale, even when there aren’t major sales active, and all discounts are easily observable on your wishlist page. Another upside is that if you leave your wishlist public, a generous friend on your friend list might even gift you a game!

02. Look out for bundle offers

During big sales, many developers bundle up their games in packages that turn out way cheaper than buying them individually. These bundles often include a collection of games from a series or even bundles of DLCs for your favorite games.

03. Try out indie games and grab the DLCs

Indie games are often overrated and they come at far lower price tags than triple-A titles. You might find really good games for a way cheaper price and have a ton of fun playing multiple games for the price you pay for a single big game. And if you really enjoy playing certain games check out for their DLCs and buy them during sales to expand your fun with the games.

We hope this clears out all questions you have about the upcoming Steam Winter Sale and let us know if you still have any more questions. And additionally, if you miss the upcoming Winter sale, you will have to wait till March 16, 2023, till the next big Steam Sale, Steam Spring Sale, goes live. So don’t miss the chance!

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